Session 1: Biodiversity, plant genetic resources and breeding

01. S. Ercisli, G. Ilhan
Some important fruit characteristics of the wild grown carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) in Western Anatolia

02. M. Nesheva, V. Akova, I. Staneva, P. Minkov, L. Todorova
Diversity of wild apple genetic resources in the region of Troyan, central Bulgaria

03. F. Iancu, V. Isac, M. Sturzeanu, M. Coman
Evaluation of genetic diversity in strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) using SSR markers

04. S. Radicevic, S. Maric, R. Cerovic, M. Djordjevic, N. Milosevic, I. Glisic, M. Lukic
Breeding work and floral biology research in cherries at Fruit Research Institute, Cacak – achieved results and new perspectives

05. S. Maric, I. Glisic, N. Milosevic, T. Vujovic, S. Radicevic M. Djordjevic
S-RNase genotyping of autochthonous apple cultivars grown in the region of central and southwestern Serbia

06. I. Glisic, N. Milosevic, J. Tomic, M. Milinkovic, M. Djordjevic, S. Maric, S. Radicevic, B. Popovic
In situ characterization of plum landraces originated from the region of western Serbia

07. M. Meland, M. Fotiric Aksic, O. Frøynes, L. Lasic, N. Pojskic, F. Gasi
Applicability of microsatellite markers in estimating fertilization success in Norwegian apple orchards

08. S. Marcelic, F. Klanac, M. Matek Saric, M. Baricevic, A. Gasparovic Pinto, I. Paskovic, M. Polic Paskovic, M. Zorica, S. Kolega, Z. Sikic, T. Kos
Morphological and pomological characterization of wild olives on the island of Ugljan

09. M. Nesheva, V. Akova, I. Staneva, N. Neshev, L. Todorova
Fruit quality of local Bulgarian pear (Pyrus communis L.) genetic resources

10. S. Kafkas, E. Kafkas
Cultivar breeding in cultivated pistachio

Session 2: Biotechnology and physiology 

01. F. Niederholzer, L. Milliron, D. Wolter, M. Bozzo
Bloom thinning ‘Improved French’ prune with caustic sprays

02. I. Perju, I. Mineață, I. E. Golache, I. V. Ungureanu, S. Sîrbu
Phenology and fruit production of sweet cherry in the context of climatic conditions in North-Eastern Romania

03. M. F. Calinescu, I. C. Mazilua, E. Chitua, F. Plaiasu, M. Chivu
Evaluation of some cherry cultivars grafted on Gisela 5 rootstock grown in the hilly area of the South of Romania

04. M. Djordjevic, I. S. Glisic, N. T. Milosevic, S. Radicevic, S. Maric, I. P. Glisic, R. Cerovic
Influence of temperature at the time of pollination on the effective pollination period and fruit set in plum

05. A. I. Yordanov, S. G. Tabakov, T. D. Donkov
Influence of the rootstocks Prunus mahaleb seedling, ‘MaxMa 14’ and ‘GiSelA 6’ on the course of some phenophases and dormancy in sweet cherry cultivars

06. S. Spasojevic, C. Oparnica, J. Milivojevic, D. Radivojevic
Chemical thinning of apple fruit: a review

07. M. Kiprijanovski, S. Georgievski, N. Saraginovski, T. Arsov
Improving of the fruit set and productivity of the pear trees after spring frost

08. D. Radivojevic, J. Milivojevic, C. Oparnica, S. Spasojevic, I. Djekic
Effect of preharvest gibberellic acids application on productivity, fruit characteristics and flower bud formation of sweet cherry ‘Regina‘

09. E. Mendelné Pászti, L. Szalay, K. Hrotkó, Á. Mendel
Apricot cultivars and rootstocks with different fruiting surface development: preliminary results

10. B. Milic, J. Gosic, G. Barac, M. Milovic, N. Magazin, J. Kalajdzic, Z. Keserovic
Growth control of ‘Oblačinska’ sour cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) grafted on ‘Mahaleb’ (Prunus mahaleb L.) rootstock by using bioregulators  

11. V. Beyá-Marshall, T. Fichet
Effect of synthetic auxin sprays on yield and double seed incidence of almond trees, and orchard profit under different conditions of fruit set and PAR interception

12. M. Michailidis, C. Polychroniadou, I-D. S. Adamakis, I. Ganopoulos, G. Tanou, C. Bazakos, E. Karagiannis, A. Molassiotis
Calcium signature in kiwifruit ripening through multi-omics integration

13. I. Perju, I. E. Golache, I. Mineață, I. V. Ungureanu, S. Sîrbu
The growth and fruiting characteristics of some sweet cherry cultivars under the pedoclimatic conditions of the North-Eastern part of Romania

14. D. Georgiev, M. Georgieva, D. Hristova, N. Marinova
Fruit bearing of the primocane raspberry cultivar ‘Autumn bliss’ in the Troyan region

Session 3: Cultivation systems and pest control

01. I. Al-Suwaid, C.A. Mihai, A.C. Butcaru, F. Stanica
The intensity of bacterial disease infestation in some apricot cultivars monitored with the WinFOLIA system

02. G. Trempetic, T. Kiss, T. Necas
Analysis of the ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma prunorum’ titer in the tissues of apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) trees throughout the year

03. G. Popski, T. Mihova, P. Minkov, B. Stefanova, S. Todorova
Morphological and biochemical characteristics of the fruit of apple cultivars introduced into RIMSA Troyan

04. S. G. Tabakov, A. I. Yordanov, T. D. Donkov
Use of peach-almond hybrid rootstocks and two interstocks for the apricot cultivar ‘Hargrand’

05. J. Dragisic Maksimovic, N. Ramovic, D. Radivojevic, J. Milivojevic
Differentially colored photoselective nets: a sophisticated technological concept to improve fruit quality parameters in soilless grown blueberries

06. N. Saraginovski, M. Kiprijanovski, T. Arsov, S. Georgievski
Results of the evaluation of certain sweet cherry cultivars on the semi-vigorous ‘MaxMa 14’

07. J. Vukotic, J. Kalajdzic, V. Stojsin, B. Milic, M. Grahovac, M. Petres, D. Budakov
Impact of bull’s eye rot on apple fruit properties under different storage conditions

08. N. Milosevic, I. Glisic, M. Djordjevic, S. Radicevic, S. Maric, T. Milosevic
Tree growth, productivity and fruit properties of early ripening European plum (Prunus domestica L.) cultivars

09. Z. Rankova, T. Moskova, N. Neshev, M. Yanev, G. Dimitrov
Effect of different approaches to soil surface maintenance on weed infestation and growth performance of young peach orchard

10. P. Ivanov
Mating disruption and population development of Grapholita molesta (Busck, 1916) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in apricot orchards 

11. D. Milatovic, D. Boskov, G. Zec, M. Stojanoski, N. Tesic
Evaluation of late season sweet cherry cultivars in the region of Belgrade

12. K. Klamkowski, W. Treder, A. Tryngiel-Gac, K. Wójcik, A. Masny
Suitability of a new telemetric capacitance-based measurement system for irrigation management of strawberry plants

13. A. Obradovic, T. Popovic, J. Adamovic, A. Prokic, M. Ivanovic
Identification of Xanthomonas arboricola pv. corylina strains isolated from hazelnut (Corylus avellana) in Montenegro

14. N. Magazin, G. Barac, M. Milovic, J. Kalajdzic, B. Milic, Z. Keserovic
The effects of crop load reduction on apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) yield and fruit quality

15. I. Pajac Zivkovic, D. Cirjak, I. Miklecic, M. Pintar, B. Duralija, D. Lemic
First evidence of the brown marmorated stink bug and its population size in perennial crops in Croatia

16. M. Pesakovic, J. Tomic, Z. Karaklajic Stajic, B. Rilak, V. Durović, L. Mandic, S. Milenkovic
Effectiveness of organic and synthetic products on the occurrence of gray mould and strawberry fruit quality

17. A. Bokulic Petric, I. Juran, T. Milicevic, A. Mesic
Spirotetramat – application in fruit growing, efficacy, resistance and toxicity

18. T. Milicevic, B. Duralija, A. Mesic, A. Vokurka
Fungal foliar diseases of strawberry in Croatia – etiology, epidemiology and chorology

19. D. Lolletti, P. Engel, A. Polito, R. Manganiello, F. R. De Salvador
Assessment of leaf curl (Taphrina deformans) susceptibility of peach and nectarine accessions in the National Germplasm Repository of CREA-OFA in Rome (Italy)

Session 4: Postharvest, fruit quality and food science 

01. J. Fiala, T. Necas
Characteristics of European and Asian pear cultivars and pear hybrids compared to production potential under South Moravian conditions

02. J. Sic Zlabur, S. Voca, K. Licitar Osmicevic, M. Dujmovic, M. Skendrovic Babojelic
Nutritional properties and quality of paw-paw fruit from Croatia

03. M. Michailidis, C. Skodra, E. Karagiannis, M. Samiotaki, I. Ganopoulos, G. Tanou, C. Bazakos, A. Dalakouras, A. Molassiotis
Moving beyond the molecular mechanism of superficial scald in apple fruit

04. E. Zezulová, T. Necas, M. Mrázová, T. Kiss
Apricot kernels as a new source of protein and antioxidants

05. O. Mitrovic, A. Koricanac, B. Popovic, S. Radicevic, I. S. Glisic, A. Leposavic, S. Maric
Quality of dried sour cherries from different Serbian cultivars

06. J. Milivojevic, D. Radivojevic, D. Milosavljevic, V. Maksimovic, S. Spasojevic, J. Dragisic Maksimovic
The later, the better? Differences in field performance and fruit quality traits in newly introduced Italian short-day strawberry cultivars

07. K. Mesa, L. Contador, C. Pereira, A. Albornoz, S. González
Effect of extended cold storage in ‘Sugar plum’ on organoleptic characteristics and development of internal browning

08. M. Fotiric Aksic, B. Rabrenovic, U. Gasic, D. Dabic Zagorac, M. Natic, M. Meland
Bioactive compounds in seeds of raspberry cultivars (Rubus idaeus L.) grown under Norwegian conditions

09. Z. Rankova, I. Staneva, V. Akova
Influence of different approaches to soil surface maintenance on the content of leaf pigments and essential nutrients in apricots

10. A. Zhivondov, S. Savchovska, S. Malchev
Results of biometric analyses of fruits of selected sweet cherry hybrids  

11. M. Fotiric Aksic, U. Gasic, T. Tosti, J. Milivojevic, Z. Tesic, M. Meland
‘Amira’ versus ‘Regina’:Variation in biometrical traits and chemical composition across the harvests of organically grown primocane fruiting raspberry cultivars

12. A. Zhivondov, S. Savchovska
Yield and fruit quality of new Bulgarian peach cultivars

13. M. Milovic, N. Magazin, B. Milic, R. Kovac, J. Kalajdzic, G. Barac, A. Bajic
Effect of foliar application of Ca, MAP packaging and 1-MCP treatment on apricot fruit quality after 15 days of storage

14. A. Bisko, A. Cepelak, S. Slunjski, K. Konopka, B. Lazarevic
Chemical composition of black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) leaf, fruit, juice and juice sediment

15. S. Marcelic, S. Kolega, G. Fruk, M. Petric, M. Zorica, T. Kos
Fruit cracking and fruit firmness of 15 sweet cherry cultivars: a two-year study in Zadar county

16. J. Tomic, M. Pesakovic, B. Rilak, I. Glisic, N. Milosevic, F. Stampar, M. Mikulic-Petkovsek, J. Jakopic
Rootstock and harvest season affect the chemical composition of plum

17. M. Skendrovic Babojelic, J. Sic Zlabur, A. Loncaric, T. Kovac, L. Jakobek, Bojan Sarkanj, Danijel Cicek, M. Sarko
Evaluation of pomological and physico-chemical properties of traditional apple cultivars from Pozega-Slavonia county

18. C. Sánchez, D. Garcia, A. Eira
Effect of pre-harvest factors on the shelf-life of ‘Gala’ apples after 5 months of storage

19. A. Bebek Markovinovic, D. Brdar, I. Brcic Karaconji, K. Jurica, D. Lasic, P. Putnik, T. Bosiljkov, B. Duralija, D. Bursac Kovacevic
Development of functional strawberry tree fruit-based product by 3D food printing technology

20. L. Maslov Bandic, K. Vlahovicek-Kahlina, S. Juric, B. Duralija
Green extraction of flavonoids from mandarin peel

21. A. M. Antolkovic, M. Mijic, K. Krbavcic, M. Skendrovic Babojelic
Physico-chemical and anatomical properties of the fruits of different mandarin cultivars

Session 5: Sustainability, economics and management

01. F. Stanica, D. I. Dumitrascu, C. A. Mihai, A. C. Butcaru
A digital system to evaluate the canopy parameters in some cherry, apricot and nectarine cultivars

02. A. M. Antolkovic, L. Maslov Bandic, S. Juric, G. Fruk
Digital image analysis for assessing quality parameters of mandarin (Citrus reticulata B.) fruit

03. P. Ivanov
Status of insect biodiversity in peach and apricot orchards under IPM

04. K. L. Batelja, T. Friganovic, A. Vokurka, S. Bolaric, V. Ocic, T. Jemric, S. Jurić, M. Vukovic, J. Gadze
Biostimulants in organic fruit production

05. R. Vrtodusic, M. Stojanoski, A. M. Antolkovic, A. Viduka, G. Fruk, M. Petek, M. Skendrovic Babojelic, D. Boskov, D. Sotonica
Advantages of using RGB and thermal imaging cameras in fruit and grape production

06. A. Viduka, T. Karazija, G. Fruk, M. Skendrovic Babojelic, A. M. Antolkovic, R. Vrtodusic, M. Satvar Vrbancic, Z. Grgic, M. Petek
Is visual diagnosis a reliable method for determining iron and manganese deficiency on apple leaves compared to chemical analysis?

07. E. Kaufmane, S. Ruisa, I. Namatevs, K. Sudars, S. Strautina
The latest results of breeding Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica) and the possibilities of using artificial intelligence methods to optimize the breeding process

08. S. Colic, D. Rahovic, D. Jaksic, J. Ivanovic, G. Zec, I. Bakic, V. Sabados
Current status and prospects of fruit tree and grapevine plant material in Serbia

09. G. Fruk, A. M. Antolkovic, T. Karazija, A. Viduka, R. Vrtodusic, M. Petek, M. Skendrovic Babojelic
Using artificial intelligence to determine different things in apple fruit production

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